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Welcome to Kestrels Class!

Thanks for popping by to have a look at what we've been getting up to in Kestrels! We're the penultimate class at Pierrepont Gamston Primary School, and we're made up solely of year 5 pupils. Our class teacher is Mr Howes and over the course of the year he will be supported by a number of staff:

  • Mrs Marsden and Miss Conde (our T.A.s);
  • Mrs Price (who covers some of Mr Howes' PPA and SLT time);
  • Mrs Webster (our Spanish teacher); and
  • Mr Moseley (a member of staff from First Grade Sport who also covers some of Mr Howes' PPA and SLT time).


Some of the children also have other teachers (for example depending on spelling group) and we'll be having an important visitor arriving in a few weeks - watch this space!


This term, we'll be building on our maths work regarding the 4 operations, fractions and some shape and space work to solve lots of worded problems, percentage calculations and expand our knowledge of geometry. In English we'll be looking at poetry as well as linking with our History work on Victorians. In science we're learning about space and in computing we're learning how to make our own wikis. In PE we're doing raquet sports.


I try to be on the playground before and after school, but if you ever need to get a message to me, ClassDojo, or the school office are also open beyond normal working hours!


New on the website for this term is a folder with all of the weekly homework letters I sent out (including websites of the week, family talking points and my dreadful jokes)! Watch this space for a forthcoming school trip...!


Happy surfing!


Mr H and the Peacocks