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Puffins Taste Test

In Puffin class this week, we have been looking at Financial Education. We started by thinking about when, where and why people spend money. We considered when we last spent money or when money was last spent on us by our parents/carers. We then began to consider our wants and needs and how these are different for individuals and families. We recognised that different people choose to spend their money in lots of different ways. This led us to think about how we can save our money by considering what we want and what we actually need by doing a Taste Test. We each tasted a branded product and a supermarket value product for chocolate, crisps and coca cola to see if we could tell the difference in taste. Although we were able to work out which product was the most expensive, we were still very shocked by the difference in price. Coming to the conclusion that in some cases, buying the cheaper, non-branded product would be the best option.