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Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

On the 8th of November 10 boys and girls from year 5 and 6 went to Becket school to compete in sports hall athletics. The children who went were Kate, Poppy, Grace, Hannah, April, Charlie, Harry C, Harry Q, Lewis and Jayden. We did 8 different relay races for boys and girls and in the races there were many different obstacles like hurdles and tunnels. In the races we came first and second. After all the relay races, we started field events where there was Speed bounce, standing long jump, long jump, javelin and chest throw. We all are still waiting for the overall result and we are sure that we did well. We had a great time and everyone enjoyed it lots.

By Harry C and April.


Miss Hutch says...What an exciting evening we had at the Sports Hall Athletics! The children were brilliantly behaved and put absolutely everything into every event! My throat was really sore from all the shouting and cheering on we did! We'll be through to a finals night in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates. A HUGE thank-you to the parents for giving lifts and for such fab support!

Sports Hall Athletics