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William Morris Inspire Lino Printing

For the past few weeks we have been learning about William Morris. This week we all designed our own print design and used the lino printing technique to create our own William Morris inspired print. 

Designing and making a healthy and delicious dip for a party

This week we started our DT and Geography Project of designing, making and evaluating our own dips. We taste tested different dips in preparation and then designed, made and evaluated our own!

Moving Christmas Cards

We learnt about different levers and then designed a Christmas card for somebody in our family. 

Sprout Boy!

In English we are currently using the BBC advert 'Sprout Boy' to learn about persuasive writing. We all wrote a persuasive advert and we also tried to persuade each other to eat them. As quite a few of the children had never tried a brussel sprout we all had the opportunity to today!

Black History Week

To celebrate Black History Week we have learnt about the American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Lots of his paintings were self portraits that showed his emotions so we created our own using collage and graffiti. They are all brilliant!

Stone Age Houses

For our DT project we designed, made and evaluated authentic Stone Age houses. We tested them to see if they were wind and waterproof.


We have been learning all about rocks in Science. As part of our learning we made models of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks out of chocolate. We also used playdough to create the different layers of the earth's structure.

Stone Age Day

LKS2 had a fantastic Stone Age Day! We studied and created cave paintings, designed stone age jewellery and gathered natural materials to create fires as the Stone Age people would have done. It was a great launch to our new history topic!