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Daily challenges

Monday 5th October-


Treasure hunt… in your house find 10 things that are blue!

Take a photo and email it to Miss Martin! We can’t wait to see what you find



Tuesday 6th October


Draw or find 5 things that begin with the sound 's'. Don't forget to send us a photo!


Wednesday 7th October- 

Shape challenge- 

How many things can you find around your house that are square shaped? 


Thursday 8th October-

Fact finding challenge-

Miss Martin read you ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ Can you use google to find 3 facts about bears? 


Friday 9th October-

PE challenge-

 Ask a grown up to time 1 minute. How many star jumps can you do? Let us know!  


Monday 12th October-

Treasure hunt challenge-

In your house can you find 10 things that are red? 


Tuesday 13th October-

Draw or find 5 things that begin with the sound 'd'. We can't wait to see what you find. 


Wednesday 14th October-

Sing a song, or tell us a joke. Could your grown-up record it and send it to us?