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CURRENT Phonics Word Card Sets, Ditty Sheets and reading book links

Please also see:

  • the phonics home learning pack for the current week
  • the email sent on Sunday 19th April containing a suggested phonics plan for your child's phonics group (please contact one of the teachers if you require another copy of this)


Green Word Cards

As mentioned in most of the children's Easter reports, we use different sets of green word cards during our phonics lessons to practise key phonics skills. Children are asked to sound out the words, verbally at first but in their heads as they get more confident, before saying the complete word. We also use these words to practise writing - children are verbally told the word, they segment it into its individual sounds and then write the complete word.

Ditty Sheets

Some children may have been bringing home the red or green phonics "Ditty Books" before the school closed. These sheets posted online by Oxford Owl aim to be a good substitute in the current circumstances and are roughly equivalent in difficulty to the Red Ditty books. As with Ditty books, children should practise each one approx. 5 times so that they become confident with the words the Ditty contains.

Sound Practise Sheets

This website contains lots of useful resources - we particularly recommend the Set 1 sound practise sheets.


Free Online Reading Books

Lots of free ebooks - we particularly recommend looking that RWI series of ebooks.