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Mrs J's Sunflower - Day 93

Mrs J’s sunflower (day 72)

Mrs J’s sunflower (day 47)

Mrs J's sunflower - Day 27

Extra science task - linked to materials through The Three Little Pigs story

Mrs J's Sunflower - Day 17

My sunflower - Mrs J

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Mrs J's sunflower Day 8

How are your sunflowers coming on? It's now 8 days since I planted my seeds and although I planted two, only one has grown. It's now 5 cm tall though! If I look underneath the pot I can see the root popping out so I think I'll need to repot it this weekend to give it some more space. 

Mrs J laugh

If you did not receive your sunflower diary and seeds on the last day, please download the copy above. If you cannot get hold of any sunflower seeds, why not make your own diary about growing something else, such as tomatoes or peppers. Just keep a few seeds when you next eat one. You could try with apples too although an apple tree will take longer to grow!

I planted my sunflower seeds today, see my pictures in the document below. Perhaps you could write up what you did or you could fill it in in your diary.


Mrs J 

Mrs J's sunflower - Day 3 and Day 5