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UKS2 Bonus!

VE Day Activities! Below is a pack all about VE day. There are some written activities to complete if you would like to along with other ways to celebrate the day!

Fletch singing Stars from Les Miserables

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Tabitha's latch hook demo

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Henry's Morale Booster!

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Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Cheers Henry!

If you would like to, print out the time capsule booklet and fill it in. Alternatively, you can create your own version instead using a powerpoint, poster or a shoe box filled with memories.

Easter Song!

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Usually every Easter, I teach my class my favourite Easter song from when I was at school, 'Spring Chicken'. Because we are not at school, I have done a small video of me singing and playing it instead!
If you would like to have a go at learning it yourself, here is a link to the 'Out of the Ark' version with lyrics.

I'd love to see any videos of you singing or playing your instruments!

LEGO Calendar

We have had lots of pictures/messages all about your LEGO creations with a couple of you asking, 'what should I build next?' so we thought this calendar might help smiley Hopefully, by the time you're at the end, we will be back at school!
If isolation has taught us anything, it is that SO MANY of you are wonderful artists! Miss Jones found some Disney step by step drawing instructions and she thought you may want to have a try! Good luck smiley

Miss Jones has a problem in her garden...

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Uh oh! Look what I have found! If you'd like a new pet during your long stay at home too, you need to ask an adult to google 'facts about tigers' for you, scroll down a little at tap the 'View in 3D' button.
Could you...
1. Write a story about the mischief your new pet causes?
2. Take some pictures and create a comic strip?
3. Do some research and create a fact file?

Please share with us...we cannot wait to see!

Miss McGivan's Music!

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As we are not in school, there's sadly no choir. So to keep sharing music with you all, Miss McGivan has shared a video of her playing the piano. We hope you enjoy! I wonder if any of you can match her musical talents? We can't wait to see!