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Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr Sharp - Head Teacher
Mr Howes - Asst Head and Kestrels Class Teacher
Mrs Jackson -  Asst Head and Owls Class Teacher
Mr Gray - Sparrows Class Teacher
Ms Slack - Business Manager
Mr Atkins - Office Administrator/Site Manager
Mrs Hamilton - Administration Assistant
Miss Allen - Robins Class Teacher
Miss Turner - Robins Class Teacher
Mr Jones - Doves Class Teacher
Miss Cheetham - Kingfishers Class Teacher P/T
 Miss Jones - Eagles Class Teacher
Mrs Asquith - Kingfishers Class Teacher P/T
Mrs Ayo-Price - Wrens Class Teacher
Miss Martin - Sparrows Class Teacher
Miss McGivan - Kites Class Teacher
Mrs Cuckson - Supply Teacher P/T
Mrs Rogers - Puffins Class Teacher and SENCO
Mrs Carey - Supply Teacher P/T
Mrs Reynolds - Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs Taylor - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Marsden - Teaching Assistant P/T
Miss Conde -  Teaching Assistant P/T
Miss Horsley - Teaching Assistant
Miss Bansal - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lindsey - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rodmell - Teaching Assistant
Mr Adamson - Teaching Assistant
Mr Moseley - Sports Coach
Mrs Warden - Kids' Club Manager
 Mrs Jeanette McInnes - School Cook
Katie Bathgate - Kids' Club
Mrs Panesar - Senior Mid Day Supervisor
Miss Chesbrough - Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Quick - Kids' Club
Mrs Avolio - Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Hiatt - Mid Day Supervisor
Miss Wilkes - Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Koshal - Mid Day Supervisor
Ms Rust - Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Sule - Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Grigoriadou - Mid Day Supervisor
Heather Parkin - Flute and Keyboard Teacher
Mr Bowler - IT Consultant
David Stephenson - Guitar Teacher
Mr Middleton - Puffins Class Teacher
Mrs Ridley - Mid Day Supervisor